E(x)plory Science Fair in Szczecin

On the 23rd of February, Friday, the students of our school went to the Regional Science Fair in Szczecin called E(x)plory.

Firstly, we took part in odor workshops, during which we tested our sense of smell, took the role of a member of an olfactometric team (a person who evaluates odor) and learned techniques for odor concentration, intensivity  and quality measurements. We got to know odors of various herbal oils such as: lavender oil, mint oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, orange oil and many more. The odors were very intensive, which made it difficult for us to recognize them at the beginning, but after a few tries, classifying them didn’t pose a challenge to us anymore.

After the herbal odors class, we went on to chemistry workshops. Here, under the strict observation of the West Pomeranian University of Technology we performed a few interesting experiments ie: testing traffic lights, creating non-popping soap bubbles as well as paste for elephants, testing a non-Newtonian fluid as well as a “voracious” chloride or a pot full of numerous, colorful drops. The coolest thing is that most of these experiments can be done at home on one’s own.

The workshops were very interesting and we learned a lot from them. Once again, we proved that practice is better than theory.

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