Our student Despina Melaki interviewed her dad who is an agriculturalist in our village, Kolymvari. Mr Nick Melakis gave us some very interesting information about the profession. The biggest challenge for an agriculturalist in the 21st century is worldwide starvation, a really shocking fact!

The family name "Melaki" means "honey" in Greek ... and, of course, at the end of the interview, we have the secret for the most nutritious and aromatic honey!

Why did you decide to become an agriculturalist? Is it a gainful job?

I decided to become an agriculturalist due to the fact that I just liked it and not because it is a profitable one.

What were your studies?

University studies.

What are the most basic skills an agriculturalist needs to have?

The knowledge, the observation and the adeptness to give perfect solutions, more specifically low-cost solutions with maximum efficiency, to the customers.

When you face an agricultural problem, what do you do to solve it?

I use my knowledge and experience.

What do you like most and what do you dislike in your work?

I like the agriculturalist's job and most of the times I detract from the merchant's profession.

What challenges does the agriculturalist’s profession face in the 21st century?

The worldwide starvation.

How does technology help the agriculturalist 's profession? Are there any applications that can be used in this sector?

All the professions of every sector can be helped by technology. There are proportionate applications.

Last but not least, from which herb is the most delicious and nutritious honey produced?

In general, from the family of Labiatae plants and in particular from the genus Thymus, commonly the thyme.

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