Antalya Yusuf Ziya Öner Science High School hosted the 2nd Mobility of the Erasmus + project named "Mission Possible Health". The meetings were held between 14-19 March 2018 in AntalyaYusuf Ziya Öner Science High School in Turkey with teachers’ and students’ mobility from project partner countries.The participants of the Project activities were 2 teachers 7 students from Poland; 2 teachers 10 students from Basque country  and 2 teachers, students from Greece. Project activities in the school were coordinated by Emin KUTLU as being the biology teacher and the Project coordinator of the school with the cooperation of the English language teacher Özge DÖNMEZ ARIKEL, Turkish language teacher Akın ACAR, Visual arts teacher Yasemin PUTGÜL, geography teacher Safiye BAŞ, English language teacher Kübra Çatal and 20 Turkish host students and their families.

The mobility of the activities started on 13th March Tuesday with the arrival of the Polish and Greek tecahers and students at Antalya airport. Turkish host students met the Polish and Greek students and took them to their houses. Emin KUTLU and Özge DÖNMEZ ARIKEL took teachers to the Alp Paşa Hotel in the old town. Basque teachers and students arrived on the following day 14th March and the host students and families met Basque students  at the airport and took to their houses.

On 14 March Wednesday at 08:30 a welcome session was held in our school’s conferance hall. School Principal Mss. Nuray ÖZCAN made a welcome speech. The students presented the Project activities that were conducted in their schools through slide shows. The students presented the slide shows about herbs and spices that grew up in their countries and they described the importance and usage of the herbs and spices in human life in relation to health. Following the Project presentations, the students from each country presented their traditional music and dance Show. The students and the teachers of the school participated to the presentations and involved in this cultural learning and interaction. Following the presentations, the guest students and teachers were given individual presents involving some local sweets and cultural informative documents together with their name cards. Then the project cake was offered to all the students and teachers. The cake which had Project logo and flags of the partner countries on its surface was cut by teachers and students together. Besides, traditional foods which were prepared by host families were served to teachers and students. The students and teachers from partner schools had the chance of tasting the local food and they discovered the similarities between their foods and our foods. The teachers like the taste of the local food and took the recipes of the food.

Following the lunch break, the students and teachers visited school building. Ebru art which was one of our traditional arts was introduced by art teacher to the students and teachers at Art workshop and the teachers and the students had the chance of experiencing the Ebru painting with the guidance of the art teacher. The students and teachers painted Ebru with some flower motifs and enjoyed this painting. The teachers and the students expressed that it was their first time of experiencing such an artwork and they regarded this experience as amazing.

In the afternoon plants department of the Agriculture Faculty of Akdeniz University was visited. Dear Professor Dr. Kenan TURGUT welcomed the teachers and the students. He invited the guests into the faculty and presented his slideshow about medical and aromatic plants. Professor gave valuable information about herbs and spices’ importance for our country, their current situation and the state of importation and exportation with statistical data as well as the importance of plants in medicine and economy field.  He also gave information about Turkey’s role in the world in terms of endemic plants and plant diversity. The professor stated that Antalya was among the richest places in Turkey as for the plant diversity. He served our traditional drink Ayran to our guests. Following this visit, the teachers went to a traditional “kebab” restaurant and tasted different traditional foods.

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