On Thursday March 15, Turgay GENÇ, the mayor of Döşemealtı, was visited in the municipal council with about 40 participants. The major gave information about the youth projects  and EU projects that they have been conducting and the works of the municipality in the district as well as giving information about the history of Döşemealtı. The major answered questions of the students and teachers. The partner schools presented gifts that they brought from their countries to the major. The major gave the local handmade carpet to the partner schools as presents and the gifts package to the students.

After visiting the municipality, we started to visit places which are important for our project. We first visited the ancient trade route where spice and herbal plant trade was held, and the caravan of this traders used to have rest in the past.

We visited the Yorukoglu factory which was famous for milk and dairy products in food industry in the disctrict. The students and teachers visited the milk processing department with a guide. Engineers working in the factory gave technical information about the production from the raw material stage to the marketing stage related to dairy production. At the end of the trip, the guests were offered ayran as our traditional drinks.

Following the factory, the Karain Cave, which dates back to 500,000 years ago, was visited. The cave fills an important gap in Anatolian archaeological studies with the settlement traces seen from the Lower Paleolithic to the late Roman period. The cave was famous for involving the oldest known human remains in Anatolia, having the first examples of Anatolian art, portable art products which were discovered in the cave. It has also played an important role in revealing the plant and animal remains and the old surroundings of the Western Mediterranean. Then the students and teachers had lunch at the school cafeteria. The guest students and teachers experienced the food culture of the school by tasting the food offered in the school.

After the lunch, the coordinators' project meeting was held between 15: 30-19.30 at the school. The teachers from the partner countries shared their experiences and opinion about the project activities that were carried out in their schools. Each group presented information and reflections about the project activities, as well as the evaluation, dissemination and the implementation of the project tasks. The teachers shared the completed tasks, achieved objectives as well as the problems encountered during the implementation. The teachers all agreed that the project activities related to herbs and spices were successfully completed and the objectives related to herbs and spices were achieved by the students.

The project activities and the project objectives that were realized at the first semester are summarized below

Logo studies have been concluded.

Painting and Poster work on plants and spices were conducted.

Herbal soap and cream were made.

Pre-test and post-test questionnaires were conducted to measure student information about herbs and spices. The survey results indicated that the students’ knowledge and experiences about herbs and spices increased at high level in all partner schools.

Lesson plans about herbs and spices were prepared and implemented in classes.

A hiking activity was done in the natural park.

The factory of medical and aromatic plants were visited and processing and packaging parts were observed by the students

The project corner involving the photos, paintings and written documents were prepared to disseminate the project in the school wide and the school visitors

Photo exhibition related to herbs and spices were presented at project corner.

A photo contest was held for all the students participated to mobility in Turkey. The students were motivated to take the photos of the nature and the winners were awarded with gifts.

Collaboration with the university was conducted and the professors were visited to gather information about the herbs and spices.

The presentations about the project were made and shared with the school students and teachers.

Traditional music and dance were shared and experienced together.

Plant drying was done with respect to the local plants.

Healthy cooking made with herbs and spices

The school's promotional videos were filmed.

Interview was made with expert.

The Kahoot quiz about herbal plants and spices was prepared and students were quizzed.

After the project meeting, the teachers they went down to Antalya city center and visited the old town. Restored old Ottoman houses, yacht harbor were visited. Dinner was eaten all together in a traditional restaurant.

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