On Friday morning, March 16th, the participant students and teachers travelled to Isparta city. During the refreshment break the participants tasted the tea made from herbal plants and bought some herbal teas from the market. Entering the city, the visitors visited the cosmetic rose factory “Isparta RoseUnion Rosense” which is one of the leading rose production factory.  Rose processing techniques and various rose products up to 100 different products made from rose plant were observed.  The engineers presented and gave information about how the rose plants are processed into rose products. The participants experienced the cosmetic products made from roses and tasted traditional delights made from rose plant. All of the products produced at the rose factory were offered in the sales store where the participants had the opportunity to do shopping for the rose products. Following the rose factory, the participants visited another rose factory where rose oil was produced. On the way to the factor, rose gardens were seen however since it was not the season for the roses to bloom, only the plants of roses in the rose fields were observed. The manager of the factory informed the visitors about the processes of rose oil production through showing the machines used in the production. Following the visits to factories, the participants went to the lakeside which is a small crater lake and there the students had lunch which were prepared by their host families. The participants went down to the side of the lake, observed the volcanic rock types and the crater structure and the growing vegetation and trees on the lakeside The most interesting experience for the students was the pumice stone which was floating in the lake. Students and teachers gathered volcanic rocks from the lake side. After the observation and excursion on the edge of the lake, the participants arrived at the city center. The students had a chance to walk around the city center and the teachers went to a famous restaurant which dates back to 150 years and offer local dishes. The participants tasted tandoori kebab, kabune, grape juice and traditional dessert as the lunch menu. After the lunch, Eğirdir lake, which was a set lake and fresh water lake, was visited. The participants had a walk near the lake and drank Turkish tea by enjoying the charming view of the lake. During the day the participants had the chance of observing and experiencing two different kinds of lake.

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