On March 18th, Sunday, we went to the Beşkonak involving the famous “King Road”, where the commodities coming to the port of Side were transported to the inner regions of Anatolia. The King's Road, or the kingdom of the Persian Empire with its full name, was an ancient road repaired and restructured in the 5th century BC at the time of Darius I. This road was constructed to facilitate the rapid transportation from Ephesus to Persepolis during the Great Empire. The couriers could travel 2,699 kilometers in seven days thanks to this road. The participants had hiking activity on ancient bridges and roads surrounded by the forests. Through this hiking, the students had the chance of observing the nature, the plants, the forests and the river. After a two-hours hiking, we had a barbecue picnic riverside for lunch with grilled meatballs with different spices.

Then all of the participants participated to rafting activity as a second sporting event. After a short training by the guides, the teachers and students wore rafting clothes and  carried out rafting 14 km in the Manavgat river. Throughout the rafting, we passed up to 15 waterfalls, became wet from bottom to top, made some jokes to each other on the way and we finished rafting in an exciting, funny way with plenty of adrenaline and enjoyment. Then the students made a fire to become warm and drank some hot drinks.  At around 7 pm, we turned back to the city center. As dinner, we went to a luxury restaurant and ate local fish. The host teachers Özge and Emin organized a laser show to the guests to present their special thanks and loves to the project partner teachers for their involvement in the project and the mobility to Turkey. Besides, the laser show disseminated our project to Antalya old town  as the laser could be seen by the outsiders from far away.

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