On March 19th, Monday was the last day of our activity. After an hour's bus ride from the city, we went up to the Tahtalı Mountain, which was 2365 m. hight from see level, with a cable car to the snowy summit. It was a huge cable car which could carry 80 people together. It's the world's tallest 2th cableway and the first cable car in the world for being the closest one to the shore. During the voyage, the cable car passed over the trees, reached the summit after a 15-minute drive and passed the rugged weeds where there were no trees. The participants had the chance of observing some kinds of trees and wild animals living in the high hills as well as looking up the sea and the city from the top. We eventually reached the summit which was windy and snowy. We stayed at the top for about 1 hour. The participants observed their surroundings and the downside clearly took some photos and enjoyed the snow.

Then we went down to the Ulupınar village and we arrived at a famous fish restaurant where the trout was produced and cooked. The restaurant was very authentic as it was near the river and surrounded by the forest, the water was floating under the tables. After eating trout which was cooked in the oven we arrived at Phaselis which was another ancient city and having 3 harbors.

 After visiting the ancient Phaselis city and the harbors, the students enjoyed the nice weather and swam in the sea.  The students played some games and enjoyed their time in the sea. After an hour, they left the sea.  At 19:30, the participant teachers, students, host families and students met at the school for the farewell dinner and party organized at school. While the host families presened traditional Turkish cuisine specialties, the teachers from Poland and Greece also provided some local food and dessert that they brought from their countries. Parents, students and teachers participating to the event were all interested in these different cultural foods. The host families were thanked for the hospitality and underlined that they have undertaken a national duty.

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