In the morning of March 20th, the teachers and students had their departure flights to their countries. The students were observed to be sad because of leaving from the host students and families.                

During the trip, it was seen that all the teachers and students established sincere dialogues and cooperation within the project activities.  The host families and the guest students had some cultural learning during their stay at the host families. Guest teachers and students gained some knowledge and experience about the the social, cultural and economic structures of our country, and experienced its historical and touristic potential as well as its geographical, geological and natural characteristics. More importantly, the participants observed some similarities and differences among the cultures. Especially it was revealed that there were so many common words used and shared in different cultures especially in Greek and Turkish culture. Thanks to the students’ mobility, students have improved their self-confidence and their English language skills. The learners actively used the English language and so they developed their speaking skills in English. The students realized that travelling to foreign countries were not as difficult or as challenging as it was seen and besides, the students got over their fear of foreigners. The students became more conscious of their environment, the lakes, the forests, plants and herbs and they started to question the geographical structure of the environment that they lived in. It is seen that the students’ knowledge and interest in plants, forests, waters, healthy food and sport that are the parts of our project have significantly increased. All the teachers and students shared the opinion that the it was a useful cultural informative and science trip.

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