Antalya Döşemealtı Yusuf Ziya Öner Science High School realized the second of the forest trips between 20-23 April, in the second half of Erasmus + project called Mission Possible Health covering the years 2017-2019. This excursion to the western forests of our country was organized to enable our students to observe and research about the different types of forests in the region.

The participants of this excursion were 33 students and 3 teachers and it took 3 night, 4 days. During the trip, some historical sites were visited together with the natural sites. First of all, the students visited a forest land which was 3.5 km to Ephesus and this place is famous for the historical fact that Virgin Mary had lived in this forest area for nine years after she lived in Sion (Jeruselam) and in Bethany for three years following the time when the Jesus had risen to the throne. The forest land involves different types of trees and bush. Besides, the students visited a small church which has been restored in the forest land. The students visited The Antique city of Ephesus which involved the church of Saint Mary and the forest.

The forest excursion continued in “Şeytan Sofrası” which was a volcanic area with natural forest trees near Ayvalık in the north of İzmir. Then, the following forest excursion was conducted to the northern Edremit, to the famous geese forests where the black pines dominate the forest. A little further north, we visited the ruins of the Trojan town where the acacia trees and acorn trees were found.

Finally, we visited the Gallipoli forests which has been afforested in recent times. During the excursion the students took some photos of the trees, they observed and analyzed the trees and wrote some report about the excursion as well as about the characteristics of the trees.

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